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Tire Installation near Seattle

Tire Installation near Seattle at Sound Ford



Tire Installation near Seattle

If the tread on your shoes was wearing thin, and causing you to slip on all kinds of surfaces, the odds are good that you would buy yourself a new pair of shoes. The same should be true of the tires on your vehicle. With Sound Ford's Tire Installation near Seattle, our technicians will install a new set of tires so you can spend more time driving on the highway and less time stranded on the side of it.

If the Tread is Low, the Tires Need to Go

The tread on your tires should never get below one-sixteenth of an inch in depth. If you frequently drive on wet roads, however, you would benefit from having twice that much. Our tire specialists at Sound Ford would be happy to let you know if you're in need of a Tire Installation near Seattle, but there are simple things you can do from home that would also give you that information.

Newer tires have an advantage over ones from previous generations; newer tires will come with indicator bars that let you know if the tread is getting low. These flat rubber bars will run perpendicular to the direction of the tread, and if more than two or three bars are visible you need new tires. A penny can also let you know if a tire has had too much wear. Insert the penny into the tire's tread with Lincoln's head facing downward. If you can see the former president's head in its entirety, then you are in need of Tire Installation near Seattle.

A Tire's Tread isn't the Only Visual Indicator

There are other visual warning signs that have nothing to do with tread. Grooves or cuts that are on the sidewall could indicate a developing leak, and if the tire isn't replaced soon it could lead to a blow out and catastrophic possibilities for you and your passengers. At Sound Ford, our technicians are factory-trained and receive constant updates from the manufacturer about Ford models that will help keep your vehicle in great condition. No one knows your car better than the people who made it.

To get your car one step closer to its new life on the road, call us at 888-849-5186 to schedule an appointment, or could also fill out our easy online appointment form. Stop by Sound Ford today at 101 SW Grady Way, Renton, WA 98057. We have a long history helping our friends from Auburn, Kent, Kirkland, Bellevue, Gig Harbor, and the greater Seattle area. Our staff would be happy to help you and answer any questions you may have about your vehicle. Even professional drivers need a team of technicians. Let Sound Ford join your team.

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