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Renton New Ford Maintenance

Sitting behind the wheel of a new Ford can make you feel omnipotent. But when you get a new vehicle, you will get a lot of unsolicited advice on maintenance from neighbors, family, and friends. It can be overwhelming to digest this information and wonder how to go about with Renton New Ford Maintenance. While a new Ford is replete with technology that makes it quite easy to break-in the vehicle, you may not the precise maintenance requirement unless you spend some time pouring into the owner’s manual. Well, you needn’t worry as Sound Ford Service has you covered and ensures your new Ford gets the maintenance it requires in Renton. We offer comprehensive maintenance for new Ford vehicles so that you, the owner, needn’t worry about it.

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Optimal Performance from New Ford Maintenance

When you bring your new Ford to Sound Ford Service, we start with the basics. We check the tires for wear and tear even though it is a new vehicle. However, your driving style and the state of the driving surface can take a toll on the tires, causing them to wear out quicker than usual. We inspect the brake pads and wiper blades, replacing any component that is worn out, making your new Ford unfit for the roads. At Sound Ford Service, your safety and that of others are paramount. We ensure all the systems to so you can enjoy a safe drive in your Ford. You can rely on us and our mechanics to maintain your vehicle in a safe and roadworthy manner. While you should not be accelerating too much or idling the engine for extended periods of time until you notch up a few thousand miles, you still need Renton New Ford Maintenance to ensure your Ford functions optimally so that it is fuel efficient.

Our factory trained and highly experienced mechanics will ensure that air and oil filters are properly cleaned. This reduces harmful emissions and makes your vehicle more fuel efficient. This filter change is important and should not be neglected as it can have a profound effect on the performance of your vehicle. So make it a point to get the filters changed after one month of ownership and thereafter Sound Ford Service will chart out a maintenance schedule that you should follow to the T. You needn’t worry as we will call you to remind you of the maintenance so that you don’t forget about it. At Sound Ford Service, we perform a thorough preventive maintenance so that you do not incur additional costs of ownership. If you make an effort now to ensure your new Ford get the maintenance it needs and deserves, in the long-run, you will save money. The maintenance performed by Sound Ford Service will protect your new Ford from more serious and expensive repair and damage. 

"Sound Ford Service has always been a support to new Ford owners, and we take immense pride in offering comprehensive Renton New Ford Maintenance service."


Invest in Your New Ford's Life

When you opt for Renton New Ford Maintenance, you are investing in your vehicle. Remember, depreciation begin the moment you drive your new Ford out of the dealership. However, depreciation does not have to have a negative impact on the resale value of your vehicle.

By ensuring regular maintenance and service, you can demonstrate that your Ford is in good condition and, you can command a higher price when you are ready to sell it and shift to a new vehicle. Prospective buyers will be keen to invest in a vehicle that has been well-maintained. So, we will always advise you to retain the service receipts that we provide each time you bring your vehicle for routine or preventive maintenance.

We Support You with Renton New Ford Maintenance

Sound Ford Service has always been a support to new Ford owners, and we take immense pride in offering comprehensive and the best quality Renton New Ford Maintenance service. Contact our service team today at 425-277-1345 and schedule your vehicle’s maintenance today. We use OEM parts that we source directly from Ford and, you never have to worry about quality and fit. Also, we do not use middlemen and this allows us to offer competitive pricing on the replacement parts. You can take advantage of our annual new Ford maintenance package that makes it a breeze to maintain your Ford. We have several satisfied customers from Bellevue, Renton, Auburn, Preston, Tacoma, Woodinville and the surrounding areas. We would love the opportunity to serve you, as well.

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