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Tires are an important and often under-appreciated automotive component. Good tires can improve fuel efficiency and enhance safety, while old tires tend to have the opposite effect, which is why we encourage our clients to regularly inspect their tires for signs of damage and wear. When you notice something is wrong, here at Renton Ford Services we have a team of highly-qualified service technicians ready to help you with our Ford Tire Services.

We offer the Ford Tire Services you need.

Ford Tire Science

Many drivers do not realize the modern car tire is a relatively complicated piece of engineering, and consequently we tend to forget the importance of quality services. First we should delve a little deeper into the various materials that make a tire strong, durable, and ready for the road. One of the most important components is the bead. The bead is a steal cable that essentially keeps the tire firmly attached to the wheel rim.

Next we have the plies, which are often made of rubber-coated polyester cord. Plies give the tire body strength, and in general most automotive tires have two plies. For additional strength and puncture resistance most tires have steel belts, and for lateral strength you have the sidewalls. Finally we have the tread, usually a combination of natural and synthetic rubbers, that gives the tire grip and improves traction. This is a short summary of tire composition, but it should impress upon our clients the admirable complexity of the modern car tire.

"In general your tread should be no shallower than one-sixth of an inch, and a good way to test this measurement is with a common Lincoln head penny."


Signs of Ford Tire Services in Renton

We urge our clients to be diligent when it comes to tire maintenance. Many of our clients may not know when tire service is necessary, and for this reason we would like to take a moment to list a few of the telltale signs. First you can make a visual inspection of your tires. If you notice any cracks or bulges in the sidewalls or tread, you probably may need tire replacement. You can also perform the penny test to check your tread depth. In general your tread should be no shallower than one-sixth of an inch, and a good way to test this measurement is with a common Lincoln head penny. Insert the penny "head first" into the tire tread, and if you can still see the top of the presidential head you need new tires. These are a few of things to look for in a visual inspection, but not all signs of trouble are visual. If you notice any strange vibrations as you drive, the culprit may be your tires, wheels, or rotors.

Other Ford Tire Services

One valuable service is tire rotation. We all want our tires to last as long as possible, after all tires are expensive, and tire rotation is a great way to extend the usable life of our tires. A number of factors cause tires to wear unevenly, from bad suspension to poor alignment to the pothole at the entrance to your driveway, and uneven tires can negatively effect efficiency, performance, and tire longevity. Tire rotation is the answer. If you have a full-size spare, we can also include that in your rotation. We can also help you choose the right tires to purchase. You may have noticed the string of characters printed on the sidewall of most tires. For most people, this code is indecipherable, but our technicians will be happy to tell you the meaning of these codes and the benefits of different tire options. In general we consider your vehicle, load rating, speed rating, temperature rating, and a number of other elements when recommending tires.

The first step is scheduling an appointment. Visit our website and navigate to the Schedule Service tab, or give us a call at 888-849-5186. You can also visit our automotive center at 101 SW Grady Way, Renton, WA 98057. Remember that small automotive problems only become more costly down the road, so we encourage our clients to be smart and proactive when taking care of automotive maintenance. Here at Renton Ford Services we have helped clients from all over Washington, and now we would like to help you. Contact us today to learn more about our Ford Tire Services.

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