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Ford Hybrid Repair

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Regular Ford Hybrid Repair service is important for your Ford hybrid car; however, you should make sure that you take it to the right place for that service. Ford hybrid cars are among the most advanced hybrid cars on the market. Ford has invested significantly in the development of top quality hybrid systems and powertrains for its hybrid cars. The hybrid features that Ford has installed in its hybrid cars are unique to those in most other hybrid cars, and because of that, it is wise to only have your Ford hybrid car repaired by certified, Ford hybrid car technicians. You can get such technicians at Sound Ford. Sound Ford is an officially licensed Ford dealer that has been selling and repairing Ford hybrid cars for many years. We have ASE-certified auto technicians that have also undergone training on how to repair Ford hybrid cars under the instruction of accomplished auto engineers at the Ford Motor Company.

Our technicians are experts on Ford hybrid repairs.

Ford Hybrid Oxygen Sensor Replacement

A faulty oxygen sensor replacement is another service that we perform when doing Ford Hybrid Repair. The oxygen sensors in a Ford hybrid car monitor the amount of unburned oxygen that leaves the engine through the exhaust. The fuel-to-air ratio data that these oxygen sensors collect is sent to the car’s onboard computer that then regulates the intake of air for fuel combustion in the engine. Faulty oxygen sensors provide incorrect statistics, which could result in the damaging of the car’s catalytic converter and mass airflow sensor. Our certified technicians use advanced systems to run computer diagnostics on Ford hybrid cars to determine the condition of their oxygen sensors. Once that is done, they skillfully retrieve and replace faulty oxygen sensors with new, original oxygen sensors.

"Ford Hybrid cars all have one thing in common – a large lithium-ion battery pack. These battery packs vary in capacity from one Ford hybrid car to another; they supply power to the electric motors of these cars."


Ford Hybrid Battery Pack Replacement

One of the Ford Hybrid Repair services that we offer is a Ford hybrid battery pack replacement. Ford Hybrid cars all have one thing in common – a large lithium-ion battery pack. These battery packs vary in capacity from one Ford hybrid car to another; they supply power to the electric motors of these cars. These lithium-ion battery packs start to degenerate over time, and when this starts happening, they stop delivering as much power as they should. When this happens, the hybrid powertrains of such affected Ford hybrid cars become seriously handicapped.

Replacing these lithium-ion battery packs is a complex process that should only be done by professionals because the voltage from these battery packs can potentially kill a person. Our certified Ford technicians perform the replacement of these battery packs with skill and care, using the right equipment. We have many battery packs in stock for the different Ford hybrid cars on the market, and they are all original – sourced directly from Ford. After replacing old battery packs, our technicians rebuild and resell them, which is much more environmentally friendly than disposing of them.


Catalytic Converter Repair in Renton

The catalytic converter does the work of converting harmful gasses that come from fuel combustion like carbon monoxide into less harmful emissions. The mass airflow Sensor, on the other hand, monitors the amount of oxygen that enters the engine; therefore, it directs the car’s onboard computer to add more or less fuel to the engine. We at Sound Ford also use advanced equipment to comprehensively test the functionality of these parts and replace them swiftly and accurately.

We at Sound Ford also perform Brake Repair on Ford Hybrid cars. Our certified technicians inspect the brake pads and shoes of these cars and perform necessary replacements. Our technicians also do brake rotor resurfacing to restore full grip to the brakes. Our technicians also inspect brake lines for cracks and blockages; they then bleed them to removed trapped air. They also replace rubber brake lines and solder/weld brake lines to seal cracks. Our technicians also perform brake fluid inspection and top off or replace brake fluid.

We at Sound Ford also do tire replacement for Ford hybrid cars. We have in stock all the tires that the Ford hybrid cars on the market are known to use. Our technicians first perform meticulous tire inspections to take note of cuts and punctures on tires. They also check the degree of wear of the tires, and the condition of the wheels. Using Ford recommended specifications on tire repair, they then repair the tires that are repairable and replace the tires that require replacement. In addition to tire repair, our technicians also perform a wheel alignment. We perform this service using our state-of-the-art wheel alignment racks that use laser sensors to measure current alignment settings; camber, caster, and toe angles are then adjusted according to Ford specifications.

For a comprehensive breakdown of all the Ford Hybrid Repair services that we offer, come to Sound Ford at 101 SW Grady Way Renton, WA 98057. We at Sound Ford offer these repair services at very competitive prices.

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