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There is a reason why most warranties strongly recommend that vehicles get proper maintenance every 30,000. Some warranties even enforce it, and if you skip maintenance your warranty will be void when it comes time for repairs. While taking care of your Ford vehicle is a great habit, repairs are bound to happen at one point or another. Many of us know that some cars are more reliable than others, and if you do not know your vehicle inside and out, we suggest speaking with one of our professionals to determine whether you need Ford Car Repair when something starts ticking.

You know your car and we know Ford car repairs.

Know Your Ford Car

If your vehicle is nearing 120,000 miles, then it is time to take a serious look at your car. Many of you already know that most warranties will expire by 120,000 miles, and this is done for a reason. Most cars will start to develop problems at around 120,000 miles, and without a warranty to protect you, the only thing that will keep that car running is you and your Ford service shop. Keep in mind that if you did not properly maintenance your vehicle, or if it is a used vehicle and you have no idea how well the previous owner treated it, then we suggest driving your car into our shop for a quick look. In our experience, it is rare that a vehicle with 120,000 miles or more has nothing wrong with it. Regardless of whether your car needs an oil change or serious Ford Car Repair, we will get it taken care of it.

"While we are happy to take on serious repairs, keep in mind that we are glad to do minor repairs as well."


We Handle All Ford Car Repairs

While we are happy to take on serious repairs, keep in mind that we are glad to do minor repairs as well. Small problems can arise in even some of the newest cars, for example, the issue with wheel alignment. Did you know that even new cars may need wheel alignment shortly after they are driven off the lot? A wheel misalignment can happen for any number of reasons, and the driver is one of them. You may have a car that is only a year old, but that alignment may already be out of place. This will lead to gradual tire thread wear on one side of your car, which does not seem serious unless the thread gets low enough for your tire to blow, at which point you will need to pay for serious repairs.


Brakes and Ford Car Repairs in Renton

Brakes are another small fix that many people tend to neglect, and this in turn results in much more expensive rotor replacement. Not all of us drive the same, and you will be surprised how much your driving habits affect your brake pads. If you do not know how to properly press the brake pedal, your brake pads will wear out much faster. Also, many of us mistake some simple signs of damage as nothing, for example when you hear a strange squeaking sound from pressing the brake pedal. This could be a small rock between your brake pad and rotor, or your brake pad might be completely worn out and that squeaking will soon turn into grinding, at which point new brake pads will not fix the issue and a more expensive Ford Car Repair is needed. We can help with any and all repairs that involve your Ford. You may need a simple alignment fixed, or your brake fluid may be leaking, in which case a more serious fix is required. Regardless of what it is, we are happy to fix it. The worst thing to do in a case where you might need repair is to ignore it. It is easy to think "I will fix it later", and this is exactly the type of mentality that will turn a small maintenance issue into an expensive repair.

You may have a lot of questions, or you may already know that you need to find a shop that specialized in Ford Car Repair. To find that shop, simply look up 101 S.W. Grady Way, Renton, WA 98057 on your GPS. If you want some advice, we can offer that for free. By dialing 425-277-1345, our front desk can connect you directly with one of our mechanics, who will tell you whether it is time to bring your vehicle in for a check-up or repairs just by asking you some basic questions.

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