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Mileage Maintenance near Tukwila


Mileage Maintenance near Tukwila

Sound Ford wants to help you keep your vehicle up and running with its hassle free Mileage Maintenance near Tukwila. Home to a highly trained team of Ford Factory Certified technicians the folks at Sound Ford are sure to make your service checkup as painless as possible.

Mileage Maintenance Benefits

When a vehicle hits certain mile markers it's always a good idea to bring it into a service department to have it assessed in order to give it the best care possible. These appointments should be scheduled for around every 5,000 miles on the odometer in order to maximize the potential early issue spotting. Much like visiting the doctor for a checkup multiple times a year, vehicles at Sound Ford will be scrutinized for potential issues or problems that may crop up over the life of the vehicle. By providing an in depth Mileage Maintenance near Tukwila the staff at Sound Ford’s service department can alert you issues in advance, provide estimates on repairs and work with you before making any repairs to the vehicle.

Easy Mileage Maintenance near Tukwila

The service department at Sound Ford is devoted to their mission of providing a fast and easy maintenance service for customers. Due to the factory certified techs of Sound Ford getting first hand looks at Ford’s factory processes they’ll be extremely knowledgeable about your vehicle without even cracking open a book. When it’s time to bring in your vehicle for its regular Mileage Maintenance near Tukwila at Sound Ford, you can expect an expedient service. Oil changes come included with the process, as well as tire rotations to keep the wear on your tires from getting unbalanced. Oil changes will help prolong the life of your vehicle by flushing out the sludge that builds up over time due to the heat and stress of engines in use. At higher levels of mileage you can expect further servicing like fluid changes for your brakes and transmission as well as other necessary fluid swaps.

To find out more about what the technicians at Sound Ford can offer you and your vehicle, be sure to give them a call today at (888) 849-5186 and ask about their exciting specials purpose designed to offer you the best deals in Washington state.

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