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Ford Truck Maintenance

Those who are interested in finding an expert service center for quality Ford Truck Maintenance are welcome to check out Sound Ford. Your F-150 or Super Duty pickup deserves the best of care, and our Ford experts can help keep your engine running as smoothly as the day you bought it. We feature a wide range of services that has your vehicle covered from bumper to bumper, and we service all model years.

Regardless of how new or old your truck is, we can get it the service it needs at the right interval. From 15K miles to 100K miles and beyond, we can help ensure that you get everything checked out and adjusted to the manufacturer’s exact specifications.

All procedures entail a basic oil change, and we also take a look at other components of your drivetrain. Belts, hoses and fluids are examined and replaced and topped off if necessary. The higher the mileage, the more we check out. For example, older trucks will get a battery inspection to go along with a brake system checkup. We also check your spark plugs and timing belt so as to save you money and increase your performance.

Ford Truck Maintenance Expertise

When our factory-trained technicians perform Ford Truck Maintenance, we do so exactly as the automaker intended thanks to our expertise and contact with the factory. When you choose Sound Ford, you will find that there isn’t any guesswork, and we take the time to do the job right the first time. Even if you’re overdue for mileage maintenance, we can make sure that you get everything inspected as it should be and we do so at a fair cost.

We espouse good ethics here at our establishment, and to that end we will never try to sell you something that you don’t need. If it can wait, we consult with you. We are always here throughout the maintenance procedures, and we are glad to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

Another benefit to keeping up with the maintenance is that you can potentially avoid high costs down the road. For example, if we catch the fact that your timing belt is about to go, we can replace it to avoid any future engine seize-ups. The same rings true for other key powertrain components like the brake system and the transmission.

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Transmission as Part of Ford Truck Maintenance in Renton

Your transmission is important to your trucks performance and overall capability, and if you experience odd shifting or slipping gears, we recommend that you contact us for Ford Truck Maintenance. Sometimes a simple flush is all that is needed, but if the problem is bigger, you are covered here at Sound Ford.

For your added convenience, you can schedule maintenance on this website. The form is quick and easy, and within a matter of moments you will be setup for getting your pickup the service that is required. You can also message us with any questions that you may have about our maintenance procedures, and one of our friendly service staff members will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Ford Truck Maintenance Parts

If our technicians deem that parts replacement is necessary when we perform maintenance, you are well-covered thanks to our parts department. We carry just about everything you need, and our product line is factory-approved. We don’t offer any substandard aftermarket products, as our main concern is that you get the most out of your experience with Ford Truck Maintenance.

We can also work on your air conditioning system. A key part of our maintenance inspection involves us checking for voltage, the clutch on the compressor, the pulleys, and every other important element. Leaks are common problems as well, and as such we check all fittings for integrity, the hose manifolds, the front seal/O-rings, the pressure switches, and all other components.

If you would like to learn more about our available maintenance services, feel free to contact us either by phone (888-849-5186) or in person. We are located at 101 SW Grady Way in Renton, WA, and our technicians are here from Monday through Saturday. We are open from 7am to 7pm each day.

We are proud to be a quality maintenance provider for Ford trucks, and we look forward to earning your business for years to come.

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