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Your tires can sometimes get overlooked in the equation of your car’s performance; the engine, transmission, and other systems of your vehicle are the ones most focused on. But having tires that are well maintained are crucial for how your car performs in the conditions that you drive in, its fuel efficiency, and for the comfort of your ride.

The service team at Sound Ford is committed to keeping your car in optimal running condition, and that includes tire care. From repairing and rotating tires to helping you choose the right set for your car, you can be confident that where the rubber meets the road, we know what you need for a comfortable and safe ride.

Requiring Ford Tire Repair Service in Renton

Flat tires can be hard to evaluate, and while it’s pretty obvious when you have a blow out that the tire needs to be replaced, other tire damage is not so obvious. Just performing an external inspection isn’t always adequate; the tire may have hidden damage on the inside portion, so it should be dismounted so that the location and extent of the damage can be confirmed.

When you suspect that you have a leaky or flat tire, just go online and schedule a service appointment at Sound Ford; we can inspect your tire and determine if it’s fixable or not. While a bad tire may seem like a minor problem to some, you should never drive on a tire when it’s flat or low on air since it can jeopardize your safety. And if you do need to replace one tire, you should try to match it as closely as possible to the others on your car so that your handling doesn’t change.

Performing Ford Tire Repair Service

Rotating the tires on your car is a very simple automotive service, but when you do it regularly, it can extend the longevity of your tires and help with your handling and fuel efficiency. Your front tires tend to wear out faster because they tend to carry more weight the engine is usually in front, your car’s weight shifts forward during braking, plus they control the steering. Your owner’s manual should tell you how often to rotate the tires, and schedules typically range from 3,000 to 7,000 miles; rotating with every other oil change is another suggested interval.

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Options with Ford Tire Repair Service in Renton

All tires eventually wear out, and having even treadwear is not only good for vehicle performance but simplifies buying new ones. It’s often easier to get a new set of four tires than try to match one "odd man out." Getting a new set of tires is cool, but there are some important things for you to consider before purchasing.

While many of our customers at Sound Ford are fans of all-season tires, it’s important to ask yourself what conditions you’ll typically be driving in. If you’re commuting on the freeway a lot, then your tire will be different than if you’re doing a lot of off-roading. You also should consider what your worst driving conditions might be, and hopefully, your worst conditions will match your typical ones so you’ll only need one set of tires.

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Getting the most for your money is important, and we at Sound Ford understand that sometimes buying the cheaper tire is a necessity because of budgetary constraints. But it’s also important to factor in mileage when you’re considering tires, especially if you know that you’ll be using a set for thousands of miles. Say for example that you want some new tires for the next 30,000 miles and your ideal set of tires costs $100 each, and the runner-ups are $90 each.

Your savings with the runner-ups is $40 initially, but when you calculate the cost per mile, the more expensive set costs about 1.3 cents per mile and the runner-ups cost around 1.2 cents per mile. So per mile, the less expensive set isn’t saving you much, and that’s when you need to ask whether your initial savings are worth the quality that you’re giving up.

If you would like to schedule service or have any questions, please contact us. For efficient and fast tire service, come to Sound Ford, and we also provide comprehensive repair and maintenance services. We’re open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 6 pm, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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