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Ford Timing Belt Replacement in Tukwila

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Ford Timing Belt Replacement in Tukwila

If you cannot remember when you last had your Ford vehicle’s timing belt replaced, it is probably time for you to schedule Ford Timing Belt Replacement in Tukwila at Renton Ford Service. Your Ford vehicle’s timing belt does the work of synchronizing the movements of your engine’s camshaft and crankshaft, ensuring that both sections maintain proper timing. Your Ford vehicle’s engine cannot function with a broken timing belt. You can get your vehicle’s timing belt replaced at Renton Ford Service. We at Renton Ford Service have been replacing Ford vehicle timing belts for years.

Background on Your Ford Timing Belt

Most Ford vehicles need to have their timing belts replaced when they have covered mileages of between 60,000 miles and 120,000 miles. Considering that the average mileage per year for most Ford vehicles is 12,000 miles, it means that you need to start thinking about getting Ford Timing Belt Replacement in Tukwila when your Ford vehicle passes the five or six-year-old mark.

If you are not sure about when your Ford vehicle last had its timing belt replaced, bring it to Renton Ford Service. We at Renton Ford Service have a team of Ford-trained, ASE-certified, and vastly experienced Ford master technicians that upon inspection can determine whether or not your vehicle’s timing belt needs to be replaced. It is important to note that at times your Ford vehicle may require timing belt replacement before Ford’s recommended mileage interval for this service is reached.

This may occur when you have been using your Ford vehicle heavily or if there has been a problem with the functioning of the camshaft or the crankshaft. Our Ford master technicians know how to check for serious cracks or tears in the timing belt to determine the need of timing belt replacement. They know how to check OBD trouble codes that may indicate a timing belt problem.

Quick Timing Belt Replacement in Tukwila

You are assured of quick Ford Timing Belt Replacement in Tukwila at Renton Ford Service. This is because our Ford master technicians have performed this service many times before. Their vast experience in performing this service enables them to perform it quickly yet accurately. Our technicians work as a team quite efficiently, and this contributes to quicker servicing. This service won’t severely disrupt your busy schedule. You can drop by during your lunch break, have it done, and be able to get back to work on time.

Our Ford timing belt replacement service is quite affordable, so do not hesitate to come to Renton Ford Service for it. We are located at 101 S.W. Grady Way, Renton, WA 98057, and you can call us at 425-277-1345. Renton Ford Service is proud to serve the people of Tukwila with Ford timing belt replacement services.

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