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We demand a lot from our vehicles, and it’s easy to take them for granted when everything is running fine. But when you have issues with your radiator, it’s definitely not a cool thing. In fact, it can often lead to your engine overheating, which is never good. While some radiator problems are relatively easy to diagnose and fix by a layperson, others aren’t, so we provide accurate and efficient Ford Radiator Repair Service at Sound Ford. This piece is to give you more information about some common radiator problems, and to provide some tips.

This isn’t a per se radiator problem, but it can’t be said enough: don’t touch or try to remove your radiator cap if your engine is hot. For one, the cap could burn you, or worse, scalding fluid could shoot from your radiator as you remove the cap, and none of us needs a trip to the emergency room. Now that the big safety issue is out of the way, we can focus on radiator problems, as well as some other cooling system issues. Leaks in your radiator and experiencing overheating are the most obvious signs of problems, and it’s also important to be aware of other trouble signs. While an overheating car is pretty obvious to any driver, leaks and other symptoms can be less so, and when you bring your vehicle in for its scheduled maintenance, it's helpful that your Sound Ford technician will have their eyes open for indicators of trouble.

Ford Radiator Repair Indicators

A clear sign that you have a problem with your radiator is when you spot a puddle of coolant fluid underneath the engine after your car is parked for a while. The coolant may look reddish or green and have a somewhat sweet smell, and when you see it under your car, you probably have a leak somewhere in your cooling system. Some possible sources of leaks can be radiator hoses, the radiator itself, the radiator cap, and other places in the cooling system, like the water pump and thermostat housing. Leaks in hoses are sometimes easy to spot since they can be visible as cracks or small holes, some may be harder to find since they can be internal and not apparent from external inspection. The Sound Ford service team can run pressure tests to check for leaks, and we can perform the necessary repairs in all parts of your cooling system, even when they're in hard to reach areas.

Hot coolant and water typically pass through your cooling system and get cooled down in the radiator. Particles of sediment, dirt, and rust can slow down your coolant flow or block it altogether, which can limit your system’s ability to cool the engine, leading to higher temperatures and overheating. Flushing the system and refilling it is a good way to remove debris, and this is one of many radiator services that we perform at Sound Ford.

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Sometimes owners use the wrong type of coolant or use an improper mix of coolant and distilled water for their car, and this may make your engine overheat. Some people can do their own cooling system flush and refill, but this is also a service that we can do at Sound Ford. We can also help you to find the manufacturer's recommendations for coolant, as this can vary a bit with the model that you own and for the time of year.

There are other cooling system parts that are related to the radiator that can give you trouble, and one is the radiator fan. This fan works to reduce the coolant temperature by blowing air across the radiator fins, and problems with it can lead to overheating. Some signs of a faulty fan are broken shrouds, a freely spinning fan after the engine is off, or wobbling during operation. If you notice any of these signs, it’s a good idea to bring your car to Sound Ford so we can diagnose the problem. The water pump can also have issues, and a malfunctioning water pump can result in reduced coolant flow or none at all. A water pump inspection can often show whether it's at the heart of the issue or not, and we can repair or replace it as needed. And many water pumps are often motivated by a belt, which can sometimes become loose or broken simply through normal wear and tear.

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Fortunately, many radiator problems are fairly easy to catch, as it’s pretty obvious when your car is running hot or overheating, and some leaks can be detected with a visual inspection. Keeping current on your maintenance also helps, as many systems get inspected when you bring your car in.

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