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Ford Oil Change Service

Maintaining your vehicle is important when it comes to extending its life. That is why it is always important to have an oil change within every 5,000 miles. Oil changes are the most common service done, and one of the most important, as bad or low oil can damage the engine causing bigger problems. That is why it is always best to change your oil with a Ford Oil Change Service on a timely manner. We want to make sure you don’t have to come back for a bigger repair due to damage that was caused. Keep track of when you got your last oil change so you know when to schedule that appointment with us.

Factory-Trained Ford Oil Change Technicians

Here at Sound Ford, we have a state-of-the-art service center with all the latest tools, equipment, and technology to service your vehicle quickly and effectively. Our technicians are highly trained to spot out possible problems before they eventually become bigger. All of our technicians are trained in every aspect from the more advanced harder jobs, to something as more common as an oil change.

So whenever you need a quick tune up or a major repair, you can trust Sound Ford to do the job quick and do the job right. Also, our technicians are specialized in all Ford vehicles so no matter what the issue may be we know everything there is about your vehicle. With that being said, we also will gladly work on any vehicle no matter the make or model. Our goal is to provide you with first-class customer service and give you an experience that will leave you with a smile satisfaction.

The Ford Oil Change Service Is the Works

When we describe our oil change service we describe it as "the works" because we just don’t do a regular oil change, but we do the works on inspecting your vehicle for a problem. That is just the Ford Oil Change Service at its best. We use oil that is better than just the standard oil most put in your car. A more premium oil can help keep things clean as well as extend the amount of time needed until your next oil change. This also included changes out your filter as well.

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In addition to the oil change, we also will rotate and inspect all four tires. Rotating the tires will help prolong their life so you can have longer lasting, better tires. We also inspect the tires by looking at the tread to see how much they are worn. If they are really worn, we will recommend getting new tires soon before as it can become a safety issue the more worn out they get. This is why rotating them often is important to maintain their life.


Checks of the Ford Oil Change Service in Renton

Next, we check the air and cabin air filters and replace them if needed. Having clean filters is important for you and your engine. Your safety is important to us which is also why we also inspect your brake system. If we find a problem with any part of your brakes we would let you know so that you can get new brake pads or whatever part of the breaks that needs replacing. In many circumstances, we can do that for you, with your signed permission, on the same trip so you don’t have to come back another time to get it done.

Finally, we test your battery life and top-off all fluids in your vehicle. By testing the battery, we can show you have far along its life is so you know when it is time to replace it before you can’t start your car without a jump. Replacing all fluids, like coolant and wiper fluid, is our way of making sure everything is full and ready to go for you.

Importance of the Ford Oil Change Service in Renton

As you can see, oil changes are a very important aspect in maintaining your vehicle. The damage that can be caused to the engine when the car is being driven with bad or low oil can be big. So bring your vehicle on down to Sound Ford in Renton on Grady Way to take advantage of our oil change service. Our technicians are trained for anything so they can give you the best and fastest service possible. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 888-849-5186 or schedule your Ford Oil Change Service in Renton online. We are always happy to help you.

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