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Ford Mileage Maintenance Service

Maintaining your vehicle is important when it comes to extending its life. This is why it is important to have a service done on your vehicle at certain mileage points and know what needs to be done at those moments in time as well. You should have a scheduled Ford Mileage Maintenance Service from the usually every 5,000 miles oil change all the way up to the bigger every 100,000 overhaul maintenance.

Ford Mileage Maintenance Service in Renton

The first and probably most important mileage maintenance service takes place about every 5,000 miles. During this maintenance the most important thing that should be done is an oil change as well as the filter. Oil changes are a key part in maintaining the life span of your vehicle as running on old or bad oil can potentially damage the engine. This is why a multipoint inspection should also take place just to make sure everything is still in great condition.

If something is found damaged or warn out, then that’s when the mechanics would tell you if something else may need to be fixed as well before they conduct doing so. Finally, usually the tires are also rotated to help maintain their life. Basically, besides the oil and filter change and tire rotation, this service is important to see if anything else under the hood is becoming warn out so you have an idea of when other parts need to be replaced before they break and cause problems.

The next big mileage maintenance comes at every 15,000 miles. This service goes above and beyond the standard 5,000 mile service though everything done in that service is done during this service as well. In addition, other main parts of the vehicle are inspected including everything about the brakes from the pads to the lines/hoses. Every aspect of the breaks are inspected to make sure they are in good condition. If not, it would be recommended to get them replaced.

Also inspected are the engine cooling system, hoses and clamps, the wheel end, steering linkage, ball joints, suspension, and more. Besides inspecting and possible replacement of those things, the cabin air filter, if equipped, is usually replaced as well. If you have a truck, this is when ball joints and steering linkage if equipped with Zerk fittings are lubricated. Finally, if you have a truck or SUV with 4x4, the 4x4 front axle shaft U joints are inspected and lubricated.

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The More Advanced Ford Mileage Maintenance Service

The next stage of mileage maintenance would come at every 30,000 miles. In addition to everything that is done in the previous two services, the 30,000 mile checkup gets more important. The whole exhaust system and heat shields are inspected as well as the automatic transmission/transaxle fluid on all vehicles that have a dipstick. The automatic transmission fluid and external filter on all vehicles equipped with a TorqShift transmission is also changed. The things that are usually replaced are engine air filter, fuel filter, and climate control seat filters if equipped as well.

The next step up comes at every 60,000 miles. Everything that has been mentioned in the previous mileage maintenance is done again as well as changing the automatic transmission and transaxle fluid and filter on all vehicles that have a CVT. Also, if you have a truck, the manual transmission fluid is changed and the 4x2 wheels bearings are lubricated.

Longer Life Mileage Maintenance

It is a big moment when you hit 100,000 which is why this mileage mark is important when it comes to maintenance. Every 100,000, in addition to all the previous maintenance work, it is most important to replace spark plugs if have yet to do so. You also need to replace the yellow engine coolant, PCV drive belts if needed, and accessory drive belts.

Finally, every 150,000 is the final different Ford Mileage Maintenance Service. In addition to any of the other services mentioned that may be needed at this time, it is also important to replace the automatic transmission/transaxle pan gasket and filter, yellow engine coolant, accessory drive belts, and any other problems that may persist.

It is important to remember these mileage maintenance moments so you can keep your vehicle in good running condition and help extend its life. However, if a problem is persisting then it is important to bring your vehicle in to Sound Ford in Renton on Grady Way to check on the problem. Our technicians are trained for anything so they can give you the best and fastest service possible. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 888-849-5186 or schedule an appointment online. We are always happy to help you.

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