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Ford Engine Repair Services

At the heart of your car is its engine, and just like your own ticker, it is very important to take care of it. And while being consistent with your car’s regular maintenance is crucial for keeping your engine running well, it’s not a bulletproof guarantee.

There are a great number of different problems that can occur with your engine, and it’s smart to act sooner instead of later when you notice something wrong, as waiting can lead to you shelling out more money and/or having a car that won’t run. We at Sound Ford provide premium automotive maintenance and repair services, and we want to provide our customers with information about some common problems that we often see with engines, and hopefully give some insight as well.

While the smell of a new car interior is a cool thing, most any other smell in your cabin may indicate an engine problem. Smells like engine oil or coolant might indicate a leak, and if your interior smells like exhaust as you’re driving, that’s something that should be looked into immediately, since the carbon monoxide that’s in the exhaust is not good for your health.

Ford Engine Repair Steps

At Sound Ford, we’ll work to identify where the leak is and make the appropriate repair. And unless you’re actually burning some rubber with drag race style starts, smelling burning rubber could mean that one of your engine’s belts is worn or damaged, or a hose could be touching something hot.

Replacing belts is usually done at your normal service intervals, but smelling burning rubber would definitely warrant a preliminary belt replacement, if that’s the source of the problem. At any rate, when something smells funny, don’t mess around. Bring your car in and let us have look; it could be something minor, but it may concern a vital part of your engine.

When you have smoke coming from underneath your hood, that probably means you ignored your engine temperature gauge as it rose to high levels, and your engine overheated. That’s the most obvious kind of smoke, but if you see lots of smoke coming from your tailpipe, the color may give you a clue as to what the problem is.

• White Smoke: This probably means that antifreeze or water has gotten into your fuel supply. And while adding coolant may keep your car from overheating in the short term, and the smartest thing to do is to have your car looked at soon.

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• Blue Smoke: Worn or damaged seals can leak oil, and the oil can then be burned in addition to the fuel. You can keep adding oil to prevent serious engine damage, but you really should have your car checked out, and if the seals need to be replaced, we can do that at Sound Ford.

Helpful Ford Engine Repair Services in Renton

The 'check engine' light comes on every time when you start your car, so you should mainly be concerned when it doesn’t turn off. This light comes on for a number of different problems and while you could buy a scan tool to know more about it, unless you’re going to perform the work on your vehicle, the expense probably isn’t justifiable.

Another light that is very important is the Check Oil or Oil Pressure Low light. Your oil is the essentially the lifeblood of your car, so if this light comes on, you should check your oil and add whatever is needed. And if you suspect that you have an oil leak, let us have a look under the hood so we can help you determine where it may be and what your options are.

If your car is making sudden stop and go motions instead of its usual smooth operation, that’s a pretty good indicator of problems in your engine. Some causes may be a clogged fuel filter or fuel line, bad spark plugs, and issues with your car’s computer. While it may be funny to watch someone on TV driving an old car that’s jerking along, it’s definitely not fun to experience, and you should have us take a look at your car as soon as you can.

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All cars have a certain sound to them as you start and drive them, but certain noises may be indicators of trouble. Grinding noises as you start your engine could mean that the starter motor may need some work or needs to be replaced, and grinding sounds as you shift could mean that your transmission needs a replacement. There are plenty of other strange sounds that cars can make, and not all of them mean bad things, but if it concerns you, bring your vehicle to Sound Ford and tell us all about it.

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