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When you have a vehicle that has a diesel engine, you have to take care it properly and pay closer attention to the engine. A diesel engine works differently than that of a regular so it is best to take your Ford to a place that knows Fords. That is why we at Sound Ford offer Ford Diesel Repair Service for when your diesel engine starts giving you trouble or just want a checkup.

Capabilities of the Ford Diesel

First, it is important to understand the importance of what a Ford Diesel engine can bring to the table. The diesel engine is what gives the Ford trucks and vans that extra zip when you need it. On the 2015 models of the Ford Super Duty, there is a possible 6.7L Power Stroke Turbo Diesel that offers best-in-class 440 hp and 860 lb-ft of standard torque. This gives you more power to tow the things you want and even better fuel efficiency than expected. The biggest thing that a diesel allows you to do is give you more towing power than ever before.

Of course, there is more to diesel engines than just that as well. This new 2015 model also has a lot of new added components to it to make it stand out more. For example, there are new fuel pump and injectors for more power and reduced emissions and new temperature control system to enhance the overall turbo efficiency and performance. Other things that the diesel engine brings to the table include B20 capability to bring a quieter operation, and more.

Ford Diesel Repair Service in Renton

This is why it is always a good idea to bring in your vehicle when you feel something may be wrong or if you just want a checkup to make sure there is no hidden problem. There are tons of components in a diesel engine making it a bit more complicated than a normal gas engine. First, the engine oil and filter should be replaced at least around every 5,000 miles or so and the fuel filters every 15,000 miles or so. This is part of the service we can do for you.


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There are many signs you can look for in telling if your diesel engine may have a problem or not. One problem is if your injector starts to fail on you. Keeping fuel in the tank at all times and changing the filters will help extend its life. If the diesel engine has a EGR cooler, it can start to crack causing a leak if it has a lack of coolant. Always checking for leaks as leaks are the one sure sign of a problem that needs to be addressed. Also, additional vibrations or unusual noise are also ways to tell if there may be a problem as well.

Ford Diesel Repair Technicians

Our technicians at Sound Ford are highly trained in not just everything Ford, but in all makes and models of vehicles as well as diesel engines. They know how to get to the source of a problem and if something cannot be easily traced, then our diagnoses equipment can help them find where the problem may exist. You can guarantee they will find the problem and fix it with the quality service you expect to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

When you are wanting the best service possible, we make sure we handle everything with care. If you come in for your usual scheduled mile maintenance we look at everything. If we find something that may bringing down performance or something that can cause a big problem later and needs to be addressed, we will let you know and give our recommendations on the next steps to take. From there, we can fix the problem for you saving you another trip back.

It is always a good idea to make sure your diesel engine continues to run like the powerful machine it is. If you feel like there may be something wrong or just want to take it in for a usually checkup, we at Sound Ford can help. Don’t wait until it is too late. If you would like to schedule a service appointment, you can do so online on our website or you can contact us at 888-849-5186. We are located on SW Grady Way in Renton, WA. We proudly serve surrounding cities as well including Tacoma, Bellevue, Tukwila, and Auburn.

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