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Ford Diesel Engine Repair in Bellevue

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Ford Diesel Engine Repair in Bellevue

Diesel engines are powerful and offer muscular capability and reliable performance, but they also need more servicing than their gas-powered cousins, and neglect can often result in serious damage to the system. If you are looking for Ford Diesel Engine Repair in Bellevue, we invite you to contact our service department here at Sound Ford. With our team of experienced and dedicated technicians, you can get the care your vehicle needs.

Caring for a Ford Diesel Engine

If you need Ford Diesel Engine Repair in Bellevue, you may want to know more about your engine and how it differs from other engines. Gas engines and diesel engines are actually very similar. Both engines are internal combustion engines that move pistons inside cylinders, but there are also key differences between these two designs, and one of those differences involves the injection process. As you probably know, both gasoline engines and diesel engines use a four-stroke cycle to move the wheels of your vehicle, and this four-stroke cycle consists of intake, compression, combustion, and exhaust, but this is where the two engines begin to diverge.

A gasoline engine compresses, during the compression stroke, a mixture of gasoline and air, whereas the diesel engine compresses only air, and then right at the top of the compression stroke, the diesel fuel is injected. Due to these differences in the four-stroke cycle, your diesel engine relies upon a finely tuned fuel injector, and this component needs fairly regular maintenance, more than the fuel injection systems found in a gasoline engine. The injector exists in an environment of extreme temperatures and pressure changes, which means damage and degradation are common, and to ensure the injector continues functioning properly, you may need help from professionals.

Professional Diesel Engine Repair in Bellevue

Here at Sound Ford we offer our clients access to a team of factory-trained technicians with years of experience and a detailed understanding of Ford diesel engines. In addition to servicing the fuel injection system, we can provide a variety of other services that keep your engine in peak-condition, and we want to remind our customers that proper maintenance is indispensable if you own a diesel engine. We offer Ford Diesel Engine Repair in Bellevue, and we can also help you prevent the need for serious repairs in the future.

We look forward to telling you more about our Ford Diesel Engine Repair in Bellevue. For more information please give us a call at 425-277-1345, or visit our service center at 101 SW Grady Way in Renton, WA.

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