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Ford Auto Winterizing Service

The temperatures are dropping and the days are shortening, autumn foliage has given way to bare winter branches, and those crisp blue skies are filled with clouds. All drivers know that winter is upon us, and as changing conditions usher in a new season, we need to make sure our vehicles are prepared for the coming months. Fortunately you can count on Sound Ford to provide the Ford Auto Winterizing Service your vehicle needs.

Where do we begin? Perhaps you know a vehicle should be prepared for the winter, but you never know exactly what that means. Sound Ford is here to help. Let’s start with your tires, the front-line when it comes to handling all the snow, sleet, ice, and slush that we encounter in the colder months. You may think your summer tires can handle winter roads, but in reality we need to make sure your vehicle is outfitted with the proper winter tires or all-season tires. If you often drive on smaller roads you may also want to consider snow tires with studs to help gain traction. Bring your vehicle into Sound Ford and we can help you determine the type of tires you need to brave the winter weather. If your vehicle is equipped with four-wheel drive we also want to make sure this systems is functioning properly.

Ford Auto Winterizing Includes Oil

When you bring your vehicle into Sound Ford for our Ford Auto Winterizing Service, we also check you oil. The oil in your engine will change as the temperature of the engine changes, and outside conditions will contribute to the internal temperature of your engine. Consequently when the temperatures drop outside, you need to use a less viscous oil. 10W-30 may be good in the summer, but you might need 5W-30 in the winter. The specific numbers depend on your vehicle and your location. Simply bring your car, truck, or van to our team of technicians and we can determine which oil will best serve your engine until the spring flowers return.

Your engine is actually a rather delicate piece of machinery. With the proper care it offers robust and reliable performance, but neglect, especially in the winter months, can quickly lead to serious problems. The coolant system, for example, merits close attention as we transition into cold weather. As part of our Ford Auto Winterizing Service we can check your antifreeze-water ratio and also pressure test your system to expose any minor leaks.

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Included in the Ford Auto Winterizing Service in Renton

Batteries are also vulnerable to the cold, and the last thing you want is a sluggish battery. The Ford Auto Winterizing Service includes a thorough inspection of your terminals, cables, tray, and fluid levels to make sure your battery is prepared. Cables should be crack-free and the terminals should be snug. If you have an older battery you should definitely get a replacement, as colder temperatures will rapidly advance deterioration. Our technicians can take care of the details and let you know if a replacement or minor fixes are necessary. Remember a friendly chat with our automotive team is much better than a dead battery on a cold winter morning.

Ford Auto Winterizing Your Windshield

The windshield is another important part of your winter protection. When you choose our Ford Auto Winterizing Service, we also inspect your wipers and your wiper fluid to make sure you can handle the elements. Your wiper blades should be in excellent condition and choosing the right wiper fluid can help break up ice and snow on your windshield. Low visibility caused by deteriorated wiper blades and insufficient fluid is extremely dangerous. You need a clear windshield at all times, especially when roads are slick with mud, ice, and snow. Bring your vehicle to Sound Ford so we can make sure your windshield is ready.

Here’s the simple truth: Your vehicle needs to be prepared for the winter, and our committed team of technicians use the most reliable methods and parts to give you that necessary protection. Every year we help countless drivers from all over Washington stay safe and warm on the road, and now we want to help you. Take some time today and visit our easy-to-use website, where you can schedule a service appointment to winterize your vehicle. Have some questions about our Ford Auto Winterizing Service? Give us a call 888-849-5186 or drop by for a visit at 101 SW Grady Way Renton, WA 98057. We prioritize customer satisfaction and deliver results. Working with Sound Ford you can feel confident and prepared this winter, so save yourself some trouble and prevent problems before they happen. Get in touch today.

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