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Ford Air Conditioning Repair in Tukwila

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Ford Air Conditioning Repair in Tukwila

You can get Ford Air Conditioning Repair in Tukwila for your Ford vehicle at Renton Ford Service. There are few things as frustrating as having to stay in a stuffy car with a broken air conditioning system when the temperatures outside are above 30 degrees Celsius. A broken air conditioning system can even make things worse by blowing out hot air when you need cool air. If this is what you are experiencing in your Ford vehicle, be sure to come to Renton Ford Service for air conditioning repair.

We Know Ford Air Conditioning Systems

For the most part, Ford vehicles feature air conditioning systems that are unique in design and function to those of vehicles of other makes. For accurate Ford Air Conditioning Repair in Tukwila, your Ford vehicle requires Ford-trained air conditioning technicians. We at Renton Ford Service have such technicians at your disposal, and they are all ASE-certified. They know the ins and outs of all the different Ford air conditioning systems out there, so they can rectify or repair the most complex air conditioning problem that your vehicle may have with absolute accuracy.

When performing Ford Air Conditioning Repair in Tukwila, our technicians mostly start by replacing the cabin air filter because many times these filters get clogged without the vehicle owners realizing it. Our technicians make a point of addressing the air conditioning system’s compressor. Problems with the compressor can result in the production of air that neither gets hot or cold. Our technicians are sure to inspect the compressor and test its functionality when the engine is running and when the air conditioning is turned on.

Performing an Air Conditioning Repair in Tukwila

If there is weak airflow from the air conditioning system, our technicians check the evaporator core. Sometimes mildew or mold can accumulate in the evaporator core from the moisture that lingers after the cooling process. Our technicians check for leaks when performing Ford air conditioning repair service. Using effective leak detection equipment, they check for refrigerant leaks from the compressor. They check for any broken seals and for cracks and tears on the hoses. Our technicians make a point of inspecting all the fittings and connections to the different air conditioning system components.

If you have any questions about our air condition service, call Renton Ford Service at 425-277-1345. Our prices for this service are quite reasonable, and we do our best to ensure you are back on the road as efficiently as possible.

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