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Ford Air Conditioning Repair in Bellevue

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Ford Air Conditioning Repair in Bellevue

If you are looking for Ford Air Conditioning Repair in Bellevue, our team here at Sound Ford is ready to offer assistance. Our factory-trained technicians deliver superior service and automotive solutions that work, which is why so many drivers in Bellevue and beyond have chosen our service department for services such as air conditioning repair.

Air Conditioning Repair Explained

On a hot day in late summer, few things feel better than the refreshing blast of the air conditioner vents in your car, and likewise few things are more frustrating than a broken air conditioning system. Rather than suffer and sweat through the heat, we invite you to visit our team here at Sound Ford for Ford Air Conditioning Repair in Bellevue. Systems vary from vehicle to vehicle, but in general an automotive air conditioning system consists of four key components: the compressor, the condenser, the evaporator, and the refrigerant.

The compressor, as you may have guessed, compresses the gaseous refrigerant and passes it to the condenser. Similar to a radiator, the condenser receives this high-pressure gas, and as the refrigerant passes through the condenser tubes it eventually cools to a liquid form. After a few detours, the refrigerant enters the evaporator, located in the cabin of your vehicle, where the ambient heat is enough to boil the liquid refrigerant and return it to a gaseous state. Fans blowing over the evaporator coils give us that cool blast, and the gaseous refrigerant carries away the cabin heat to the compressor, where the process begins again.

Expert Ford Air Conditioning Repair in Bellevue

With so a variety of parts, your air conditioning can fail in a variety of different ways, and when that happens you need Ford Air Conditioning Repair in Bellevue. Sometimes you have a leak, and this of course means the pressure is off and you loose refrigerant. Other problems may involve the inner workings of the compressor, which is indispensable to the proper functioning of your air conditioning system. Whatever your problem, our team has the solution. To make an appointment, navigate to the Schedule Service tab on our website and submit a simple request form.

Get in touch today and ask our service department about Ford Air Conditioning Repair in Bellevue. You can reach us on the phone at 425-277-1345, or you can visit our service center at 101 SW Grady Way in Renton, WA. We look forward to serving you soon.

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