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While blessed are they that never have problems with their car air conditioning, there are plenty of us who have had our share of issues to make up for them. It’s hard to know what "sin" of air conditioning etiquette one has broken to deserve these problems, but regardless of the reason, they do occur.

The good news is that you don’t have to sweat the consequences, for the service team at Sound Ford can help with Ford A/C Repair Service. Our factory-trained and certified technicians can find your system leaks and problems, and bring back that beautifully cool blast of air that you may be missing. Unlike the check engine light, most A/C systems don’t have a warning light to alert you of problems, but there are some good indicators that you should let us have a look.

Ford A/C Repair Service Scheduling

If you’ve just noticed that your A/C has weak airflow, then it’s a good time to schedule a service appointment at Sound Ford; we can work on bringing back the blowhard that you've been missing. The longer you wait, the more chances you’re giving for damage to occur to your system, so being pro-active is definitely to your benefit. There are many culprits for weak airflow:

• Hoses can come loose.
• Ventilation fan isn’t working.
• Seals can open up and reduce air flow.
• Mildew/mold accumulation in the evaporator core.

Gym lockers are notorious for all kinds of foul odors, and unfortunately, some of those smells can come from your A/C. While you may suspect your teenage son or the school football team, don’t be too hasty with your accusations. Some potential causes may include a moldy evaporator case when the case’s drain is blocked, mold builds up. And when your air cabin filter is old and dirty, that can definitely put some horrific smells into your car cabin.

Symptoms for Ford A/C Repair Service in Renton

A/C systems can be a fickle lot, sometimes worse than a spoiled toddler, and if you’re experiencing that your air conditioning starts cool but then becomes warm, you should let Sound Ford check out your A/C for a number of things:

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• Faulty compressor clutch: When the clutch doesn’t engage with the compressor, then the compressor won’t be able to maintain the right pressure, and hot air will come out.
• Clogged expansion valve: If this is blocked, refrigerant can’t flow into the evaporator, and it may freeze the valve entirely if moisture is present.
• Leaks: The worst enemy of your A/C. If moisture and refrigerant combine, corrosive acids can damage your seals, cause leaks, and other nasty damage.
• Blown fuse: If a fuse shorts out, certain parts won’t function because power won’t reach them.

Just because your A/C has lost its cool doesn’t mean that you have to; just bring it in to Sound Ford. Catching this early may mean the difference between requiring a small, relatively inexpensive repair, or having a large one. Leaks are what you want to catch quickly, as they allow moisture to enter the system and can damage crucial and often expensive parts. When your cold air isn’t as cold as it should be, it might be caused by a:

• Failed control module, relay, fuse, solenoid, or switch.
• Freon leak.
• Failed compressor, compressor clutch, or blower motor.
• Damaged or failed evaporator or condenser.


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We have some cool technology for detecting leaks in your A/C system:

• Let the "sniffer" sniff it out. The sniffer device locates leaks by zeroing in on the refrigerant’s chemical components
• Black light enabled dyes. Since lots of refrigerants are mixed with special ultra-violet dyes that can be seen with a black light, we can run a black light over your system to see where the dye shows up.

So while it’s never fun to have A/C problems, it’s good to know that Sound Ford can figure out the issues, and get you back in the comfort zone.

If you would like to schedule service or have any questions, please contact us. For outstanding automotive repair and maintenance services, come on over to Sound Ford. The Service Department is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 6 pm, and we anticipate helping you with your automotive service needs.

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