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Ford 90k Mile Maintenance in Seattle

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Ford 90k Mile Maintenance in Seattle

By the time your vehicle is reaching 90k miles, it’s definitely had need of some solid service. If you were the one to get it up that high, congratulations. If you bought your vehicle used, you’ll definitely need to be more vigilant than others about guiding your vehicle through the middle portion of its life. Your vehicle certainly isn’t even over the hill yet at 90k miles, assuming you take it in for its Ford 90k Mile Maintenance in Seattle. By taking your vehicle in for regular inspection of parts and servicing of what needs help, you’ll extend its lifespan and prevent surprising breakdowns when you least expect them.

Ford 90k Mile Maintenance

To keep your car running smoothly past 90k miles, you’ll want to take it in for its Ford 90k Mile Maintenance in Seattle, as well as future regularly scheduled maintenance visits. It’s incredibly important that your Ford be serviced regularly at all stages of its life. By stopping in for your regular maintenance visits, you’ll need to perform less overall repairs, have less roadside breakdowns and resultant towing, and less frustration overall with your vehicle. On top of it all, your car’s overall lifespan will be extended, which means you’ll save money by not having to purchase a car that much sooner.

Signs for at 90k Mile Maintenance in Seattle

To get the most out of your Ford 90k Mile Maintenance in Seattle, it helps to know what your car is heading into. You can expect your vehicle to have its brake pads, rotors, and drums inspected, as well as the brake lines and hoses, and the parking brake system. A good mechanic will also inspect multiple other systems and components, such as the steering linkage, the suspension, the exhaust system, the engine cooling system, and the tires. There are several other components to your 90k mile maintenance, such as replacing air and fuel filters, and other items to inspect and replace if deemed necessary.

If you are looking into Ford 90k Mile Maintenance in Seattle, your car is obviously in good hands. To ensure it gets some of the best treatment in the entire Pacific Northwest, bring your Ford in to Sound Ford in Renton. Located where I-405 meets Highway 167, Sound Ford is ready to provide all of your Ford’s service needs. Stop by 101 SW Grady Way in Renton or call 425-277-1345 today to talk with our mechanics about getting your car in for its necessary 90k mile maintenance visit.

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