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Ford 60k Mile Maintenance in Seattle

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Ford 60k Mile Maintenance in Seattle

If your car has reached 60,000 miles, your car has been running smoothly nonstop. You probably have taken your car in for regularly scheduled maintenance up until this point, so you want to keep up the good work and bring your car in as needed. When you are pondering the Ford 60k Mile Maintenance in Seattle, it’s certainly worth taking your car in to get serviced by professionals. Consider the alternative, a ticking time bomb waiting to break down on you, and it’s obvious you need to take your car in. Bring it by one of the most professional service stations in the Seattle area to Sound Ford in Renton.

Signs for Ford 60k Mile Maintenance

At 60k miles, your car is definitely starting to hit its stride. By now, you’ve likely had brake pads replaced not just once. Oil and fuel filters have come and gone, and you may even have had your tires rotated. When you schedule a Ford 60k Mile Maintenance in Seattle, you can expect to have a thorough inspection of your vehicle performed. This includes checking wheel ends for endplay and noise, the engine cooling system and hoses, the exhaust system and heat shields, and more. Also, tires should be checked for wear and rotated, and the steering linkage and suspension should all be looked at thoroughly.

Importance of 60k Mile Maintenance in Seattle

It’s incredibly important to have your Ford maintained on schedule. If your vehicle is reaching its Ford 60k Mile Maintenance in Seattle, you’d be wise to have the work done that it needs. Skipping out on the necessary maintenance will only end up in more costly repairs down the line. If you let yourself get caught off-guard and your vehicle breaks down on the highway, you are looking at towing fees as well. Get smart about your vehicle’s needs and make sure you take it in to get its needed maintenance.

If you are considering Ford 60k Mile Maintenance in Seattle, make sure you bring it in to where you can be assured it will be in good hands. Sound Ford in Renton is one of the best places to get maintenance in the entire Seattle area. Give the team a call at 425-277-1345 to book your appointment or stop by 101 SW Grady Way in Renton to consult with one of the trained mechanics. Located at the intersection of I-405 and Highway 167, Sound Ford is perfectly situated to serve all of your maintenance needs.

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