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Ford 30k Mile Maintenance in Seattle

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Ford 30k Mile Maintenance in Seattle

If you are a happy driver of a Ford vehicle, you need to think about investing a little time in your vehicle to stay that way. If you take time to keep your vehicle maintained in peak form, by following a service schedule like the Ford 30k Mile Maintenance in Seattle, you’ll find that it stays in service much longer. A benefit is you may have less repair costs overall and your ride is much more enjoyable. By performing, or hiring out the job to well-reputed outfits like Sound Ford, simple repairs like having fuel filters and air filters changed, inspecting brake pads and drums, and rotating your vehicle’s tires, your car will stay in peak form much longer.

Why 30k Mile Maintenance is Important

Getting regularly scheduled maintenance on your vehicle will actually decrease costs over time. While many people are preoccupied with the service charges involved in visiting a repair shop, they are failing to recognize the costs they will incur if they simply let their vehicle degrade over time. You’ll find that milestones in your car’s life, like the Ford 30k Mile Maintenance in Seattle, present the perfect opportunity to perform needed maintenance. Having your tires rotated and inspecting your engine’s cooling system are critical to your car’s long-term health.

Our Ford 30k Mile Maintenance in Seattle

When your car reaches 30k miles, don’t worry that it is approaching middle age. Your vehicle will have a very long life ahead of it if you continue to take good care of it. Getting your vehicle in for its scheduled Ford 30k Mile Maintenance in Seattle will see to certain aspects of your car you may not have the know-how to handle. Get your exhaust system and heat shields inspected by a professional to ensure your car’s exhaust is going where it’s supposed to go. If items like the steering linkage, ball joints, suspension tie rod ends, and u-joints sound foreign to you, it’s definitely worth taking your vehicle in to see a professional. All of these items and more need to be reviewed by a trained professional who can identify what must be serviced on your vehicle before it can be responsibly driven.

If you feel your vehicle is approaching its Ford 30k Mile Maintenance in Seattle, take it to one of the best service centers around, Sound Ford. Located where the I-405 and Highway 167 intersect, at 101 SW Grady Way in Renton, Sound Ford is in the ideal spot to service your vehicle. If you have questions prior to coming in, give the team a call at 425-277-1345 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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