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Ford 120k Mile Maintenance in Seattle

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Ford 120k Mile Maintenance in Seattle

When your vehicle tops 100k miles, you should feel pretty good about how you’ve managed to guide it through the first stage of its life. Many people think that a vehicle over 100k miles is approaching the end of its life, but the truth couldn’t be further. In fact, a Ford vehicle can go hundreds of thousands of miles if properly taken care of. By following a regular schedule and fulfilling the needs of the Ford 120k Mile Maintenance in Seattle and following up at the next scheduled maintenance, your Ford will last longer than you might imagine. To get your car the service it needs, put it in the hands of the capable mechanics at Sound Ford in Renton.

What Needs to be Done at 120k Mile Maintenance

Your Ford 120k Mile Maintenance in Seattle will include several crucial components of vehicle maintenance, though many of these will already have been performed many times over. The checklist for your Ford’s 120k mile maintenance visit includes several items you’ve seen and heard before. Engine oil needs to be changed, and engine and air filters must be replaced. The entire vehicle should be inspected thoroughly, from the engine’s cooling system to the wheel ends. It’s important to have the car’s tires rotated based on the wear that is seen, but again, these are things you’ve already seen before. If your vehicle is equipped with 4WD, you may needle bearings in the hubs lubricated as well. All of these small jobs should be performed on schedule to keep your vehicle a well-oiled machine.

Getting Ford 120k Mile Maintenance in Seattle

There’s nothing to fear about this, and it’s best to get the job done on time rather than put it off. By delaying necessary work you are only going to rack up a higher bill over time. Rather than have a tire blow or your engine overheat and get stranded on the side of the road, you’d be wise to take your vehicle in for its needed service. If you let too much time lapse and let this opportunity to perform preventative work on your vehicle slip by, you’ll soon find yourself paying for a tow truck, dealing with a mechanic in wherever your breakdown occurs, and potentially paying for an expensive cab ride home. The work will need to be done on your car either way, and it will be much cheaper if you schedule the work ahead of time at your Ford 120k Mile Maintenance in Seattle.

When your vehicle is ready for its Ford 120k Mile Maintenance in Seattle, make sure you take it to a mechanic you can count on. Sound Ford in Renton provides some of the best service in the region. Its location at the intersection of I-405 and Highway 167 means it’s convenient for whenever you need to drop by. We are located on 101 SW Grady Way in Renton or call 425-277-1345 today to with the experienced mechanics at Sound Ford.

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