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Engine Light Inspection in Bellevue

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Engine Light Inspection in Bellevue

The check engine light in your car’s dashboard cluster can be quite bewildering. This is because when it comes on, it does not come with any explanation as to why it requires you to check the engine. However, even so, you should not ignore it when you see it. What you should do when it comes on is schedule Engine Light Inspection in Bellevue at Sound Ford as soon as possible. The check engine light is part of the diagnostics (OBD-II) system in your car that monitors the ignition, fuel or emissions systems. When you see the check engine light coming on, it could be a problem in any of these systems.

We at Sound Ford have ASE-certified auto technicians that fully understand how the check engine light works. They have undergone training on how to decipher engine error codes that cause the check engine light to come on. They are able to discover and address the problem that could be causing the coming on of the check engine light.

Engine Light Clues

When your car’s check engine light just stays on for extended periods, it means that your car’s engine requires attention but it may not necessarily mean that the problem is urgent. However, when your car’s check engine light is flashing, it shows that the problem is serious. Our technicians understand this and know which components to inspect in either case. For additional accuracy in the determination of the problem, our technicians perform computer diagnostics on your car’s onboard computer when you bring it to us for Engine Light Inspection in Bellevue. These diagnostics enable them to establish the exact reason why your check engine light is on or flashing.

Impact of Our Inspection in Bellevue

Believe it or not, your car’s check engine light could come on because of something as simple as a loose gas cap. Your car’s gas cap acts a seal for your car’s fuel system, so it helps to maintain a certain pressure level that affects the fuel combustion. Your check engine light could also come on because of faulty oxygen sensors. Your car’s oxygen sensors monitor the amount unburned oxygen that comes out through the exhaust. Yet another problem that could cause the check engine light to come on is a faulty catalytic converter. The catalytic converter converts harmful emissions into less harmful emissions. Our technicians also inspect all these possible check-engine-light causes when doing Engine Light Inspection in Bellevue.

Schedule an appointment for this service today here on our website. You can also call us at 425-477-1345 and schedule it with our authorized representatives. Sound Ford is pleased to serve you; do not hesitate to come to us for your auto service needs.

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