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Car Brake Repair in Bellevue

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Car Brake Repair in Bellevue

If you are looking for a trustworthy service center to go to for Car Brake Repair in Bellevue, come to Sound Ford. Time and again, we at Sound Ford have proved to the people of Bellevue that our auto repair services are among the best in the area. We have also proven many times that we are true to our word. When we promise something, we make sure that we deliver. For example, we promise to use new, genuine brake parts when performing brake service, and not once have we ever used counterfeit brake parts on our clients’ vehicles when performing this service. Our car brake repair service is performed by ASE-certified that have also been trained to perform brake repair on different types of vehicles. Rest assured that your car is in good hands at Sound Ford.

Comprehensive Brake Repair

We at Sound Ford take our Car Brake Repair in Bellevue seriously. We seek to perform brake service that is comprehensive, addressing all the possible problems that a car’s brake system could have. We start with inspecting a car’s brake pads. Our technicians measure the thickness of the brake pads; if it is less than 3mm thick, they recommend replacement of those brake pads. Our technicians also inspect the brake shoes (if applicable), and perform the necessary repairs/replacement. Our technicians also inspect the brake rotors/drums, checking for warping, rust, cracks, grooves, heat spots, and edge lips. Depending on the extent of each of these findings, our technicians either resurface the brake rotors or replace them.

Additional Checks with a Repair in Bellevue

Our technicians also check your car’s brake fluid. If they just find it to be lower than usual, they top it off with the same brand of brake fluid used, but if the brake fluid is contaminated in any way, they recommend a full replacement of your car’s brake fluid. Our technicians also check, and if necessarily, replace the master cylinder and wheel cylinders of a car’s brake system when performing brake repair. The master cylinder stores the brake fluid, and the wheel cylinders receive the brake fluid from the master cylinder under pressure. Any damage in these cylinders could mean lack of enough hydraulic pressure to cause the brake pads to press on the brake rotors when brakes are applied.

We at Sound Ford perform our Car Brake Repair in Bellevue in record time. Our technicians have performed these services many times before, so they have significantly perfected their skills in offering these services. This has enabled them to perform these services swiftly.

To schedule an appointment for car brake repair, call Sound Ford at 425-277-1345. You can also visit Sound Ford at 101 SW Grady Way, Renton, WA 98057.

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