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Auto Tune-Up near Tacoma

Auto Tune-Up near Tacoma at Sound Ford



Auto Tune-Up near Tacoma

Looking for a reliable mechanic that can tune up a car professionally, efficiently, and at a reasonable cost? Our team can provide the Auto Tune-Up near Tacoma you've been searching for. Tuning up a vehicle will increase performance and longevity of a car while decreasing gas mileage and costly repairs. Sound Ford Service has been servicing vehicles in Renton, Bellevue, Tacoma, Seattle, Gig Harbor, Sumner, Kent, Fort Lewis, Federal Way, Auburn, and Issaquah for a long time.

At Sound Ford Service, the technicians understand that proper car maintenance will extend the life of a vehicle, and improve gas mileage and overall performance.

The mechanics behind our Auto Tune-Up near Tacoma service are professionals that have specialized training and plenty of experience. Sound Ford Service requires each of their technicians to receive hands on training direct from Ford Motor Company. In fact, Ford Motor Company certifies their specialists. In addition, technicians receive continual education and updates on all modifications and new procedures.

Sound Ford Service provides an efficient tune-up service, and uses new equipment and tools in their state-of-the-art shop. In the past, cars were not as sophisticated as they are today. In fact, modern vehicles are finely tuned machines that often require specialized tools to service them. At Sound Ford Service, high-tech equipment, such as computer diagnostics, analyze and tune-up vehicles quickly and efficiently.

In addition, Sound Ford Service has the proper tools, such as calibrating devices, to tune-up a vehicle in a timely and professional manner.

The technician performing your Auto Tune-Up near Tacoma replaces spark plugs, inspects the rotor or cap, the distributor, and air filters. In addition, the tune-up includes preventive maintenance procedures that will improve the performance of the vehicle and extend its life. For instance, adjustments, such as ignition timing, are performed during a tune up. Best of all, Sound Ford Service is reasonable and affordable.

Tuning up a vehicle is necessary to extend the life of a car, to improve performance, and to decrease gas mileage. At Sound Ford Services, located at 101 SW Grady Way, Renton, WA, the service team tunes up vehicles professionally, efficiently, and affordably. Stop by Sound Ford Services today, or call them at (888) 849-5186 to make an appointment to tune-up your vehicle.

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