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Auto Engine Repair near Seattle

Auto Engine Repair near Seattle at Sound Ford



Auto Engine Repair near Seattle

Reliable Auto Engine Repair near Seattle has never been easier thanks to our friendly staff here at Sound Ford. While repair shops aren’t in short supply, we stand out thanks to our Ford expertise and factory certified know-how. Regardless of the issue your engine is having, we have you covered from top to bottom here at our convenient Renton, WA establishment.

Auto Engine Repair Variety

We can handle virtually any engine repair task here at Sound Ford, and transmission repair is one of the things we do. There are a variety of symptoms that could mean that your transmission needs servicing. A simple flush is sometimes all that is merited. If the transmission fluid is dirty and your vehicle has trouble shifting, this could be the case. Keeping your filter clean and changed can help prevent this.

However, if your car, minivan, truck, or SUV surges and doesn’t stay in the proper gear, it could mean a more serious problem. But we can help with our Auto Engine Repair near Seattle. Grime, dirt, and a variety of contaminants can adversely affect performance, and even worn gears aren’t a problem here at our friendly service center.

Details on Auto Engine Repair near Seattle

Your timing belt care is also part of our expertise here at your friendly Ford service center. If a belt breaks, then you could be placed with costly repairs regardless of whether you drive an interference or non-interference engine. This is why it’s important to stay up to date on the recommended inspection and replacement. Even if you aren’t sure when you’re due for this facet of Auto Engine Repair near Seattle, we can help here at Sound Ford thanks to our always-current factory knowledge.

As is the case with everything we do, we are competent and thorough with this procedure. First we remove the belt cover, then loosen or remove the timing belt tensioner. Next, we remove the belt, and then check the whole system for unnatural wear and tear and worn and noisy bearings. We also take a look at the water pump and check it for leaks, as there’s a good chance that newer Ford models’ belts drive the water pump. We then replace the belt if needed, and properly reset the tension according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

We offer an extensive range of services in addition to the ones mentioned above, and our experienced staff looks forward to the opportunity to serve you. 100% customer satisfaction is the goal here at Sound Ford, and we can help you with all of your Ford engine repair needs.

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