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90,000 Mile Maintenance in Bellevue

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90,000 Mile Maintenance in Bellevue

Sometimes it is really easy to forget to take your car in for maintenance, especially if nothing seems to be wrong at the moment. However, as many of us came to learn, most big repairs start out as small problems which can be resolved with proper maintenance, but since most of us are not mechanics how would you know? This is why we recommend bringing your vehicle into Renton Ford Services for your 90,000 Mile Maintenance in Bellevue. If you are not there yet, please keep in mind that most manufacturers recommend getting your vehicle maintenance every 30,000 miles if you wish to prevent serious problems from manifesting under your hood.

Importance of 90,000 Miles

Perhaps the reason that 90,000 is such an important number compared to 30,000 or 60,000 is because most vehicles generally begin to develop problems at that mileage. This, of course, depends on how well you serviced your car in the past. At this point, you may find problems that could lead to potential engine failure, at which point you may no longer be looking at repairs, but shopping for a new vehicle instead.

Another important factor to keep in mind is that your warranty may require you to bring your car in for maintenance every 30,000 miles. If you fail to do this and something breaks, then your warranty will be void and you will be stuck with the entire bill. Also, keep in mind that proper maintenance retains the value of your vehicle. This is crucial if you plan on selling your vehicle to a dealership in the future because they will check the condition of your car before any sale is made.

Performing a 90,000 Mile Maintenance in Bellevue

Our 90,000 Mile Maintenance in Bellevue includes replacing spark plugs and wires, replacing filters, checking brake, coolant, and transmission fluids, tire rotation, and any other maintenance service that your vehicle may need.

Not only will we make sure to fix whatever needs fixing, but we will keep an eye out for anything that may need repairs. We will be honest with you, not everything needs to be fixed at once and we will be sure to tell you how much time you have left before a small fix turns into a big problem. To schedule an appointment with us for 90,000 Mile Maintenance in Bellevue, please call our front desk at 425-277-1345.

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