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60k Maintenance near Tukwila


60k Maintenance near Tukwila

Vehicle maintenance isn’t generally the most popular aspect of car ownership. However, it’s a fact that regular maintenance is vital for keeping your vehicle running smoothly and avoiding expensive repairs that could become a problem for you later on. Sound Ford makes proactive maintenance, such as 60k Maintenance near Tukwila simple and painless.

60k Maintenance Defined

60k Maintenance near Tukwila involves the recommended vehicle maintenance schedule for car owners. It’s a service that should be done while adhering to factory recommendations in order to take the best care of your car as possible, as well as to help it last longer and keep performing at optimal level.

It’s very important to get maintenance services done at this interval because it’s a safe amount of time before particular vehicle components tend to wear out. If you skip this crucial step, you run the risk of having part of your vehicle fail. This can result in your car breaking down, or even you getting into a serious car accident. Additionally, many new cars require such maintenance to be done in order to maintain the warranty on the vehicle.

In addition to the items included in the 30k maintenance service, 60k Maintenance near Tukwila involves replacement of all the belts, valves, and hoses that are wearing thin. Depending on which type of spark plugs are in your vehicle at the moment, 60k would be a good time to replace those as well. This will cost a bit more, but is important. Additionally, 60k maintenance involves new transmission fluid, a fuel filter, and an in-depth overall inspection.

Offering 60k Maintenance near Tukwila

Visiting Sound Ford means getting the best automotive services in the area. When getting your vehicle’s 60k Maintenance near Tukwila, it’s best to seek out the expertise and knowledge of the people who design, engineer, build, and service your type of vehicle. All of the mechanics and automotive technicians are factory trained by Sound Ford to ensure you get the most optimal performance possible out of your vehicle. They are only factory around who has the tools required specifically for your vehicle and access to the latest technical service bulletins directly from the factory.

Sound Ford, located in Renton, Washington, has a fully-stocked inventory of new and used Ford cars at highly competitive prices. Whether it’s parts, service, or a new vehicle, Sound Ford has everything you need. When you’re looking for 60k maintenance, Sound Ford is your best choice. Visit them today at 101 SW Grady Way to get all of your automotive needs taken care of.

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