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60,000 Mile Maintenance in Bellevue

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60,000 Mile Maintenance in Bellevue

Sound Ford is one of the best places to go for 60,000 Mile Maintenance in Bellevue. Sound Ford is an established, well-reputed auto dealership that has a well-equipped, state-of-the-art service center. It has all the latest tools and technologies that are required to carry out this service effectively on your vehicle. We at Sound Ford also uphold high standards of quality in our mileage maintenance services because we know how important they are. We have invested in vastly experienced, ASE-certified auto technicians that can perform virtually any auto service that your vehicle could require. The problems in your car will be properly diagnosed at Sound Ford; our technicians are able to determine the causes of even the most complex mechanical problems, and they apply the solutions with excellence.

60,000 Mile Maintenance Services

There are many services that we perform in our 60,000 Mile Maintenance in Bellevue. One of them is engine oil change. Our technicians only use engine oil that is recommended for one’s vehicle by its manufacturer. Another service that is performed in our 60,000 mile maintenance is filter replacement. Our technicians replace the oil filter, engine air filter, cabin air filter, and fuel filter of the vehicle being serviced. All of these are replaced with new, original filters. Our technicians also perform fluid replacements in this service. They replace the vehicle’s transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and engine coolant with new, manufacturer recommended fluids.

Inspection Maintenance in Bellevue

Another service our technicians perform with 60,000 mile maintenance is an electrical system inspection and repair. Our technicians inspect the vehicle’s starter, alternator, and battery. They also inspect the electrical wiring between these electrical components, and they perform all necessary repairs and replacements. The drive belts and timing belt of the car are also replaced in this service.

After all the different 60,000 mile repairs and replacements are performed, our technicians perform a round of testing to ensure on all repaired/replaced parts or components are working as they should. They also test drive the car to check for any additional problems that they may have missed. With our 60,000 Mile Maintenance in Bellevue, you should notice an immediate improvement in how it performs.

Sound Ford has been serving Bellevue, Renton and other surrounding cities in the Seattle area with 60,000 mile maintenance services, and all our customers have approved of our services. Make an appoint today for this service when you call Sound Ford at 425-277-1345.

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