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30,000 Mile Maintenance in Bellevue

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30,000 Mile Maintenance in Bellevue

Nearing the 30,000 mile/36-month mark? If so, you need to schedule 30,000 Mile Maintenance in Bellevue at Sound Ford for your car. There are car owners feel that the 30,000 mile maintenance service is not necessary; however, this is a great misconception. The 30,000 mile maintenance service is widely considered as the first major service. Failing to have this service done could result in poorer general vehicle performance down the road, and even compromise safety. For the best value, take your car to a licensed, established auto dealership like Sound Ford that is experienced in performing mileage maintenance service. We at Sound Ford offer excellent mileage maintenance services. Our auto service wing specializes in offering mileage maintenance, and we do it on different types of vehicles. Regardless of whether you have a small subcompact car or full-size pickup truck, you can get 30,000 mile maintenance service at Sound Ford.

30,000 Mile Maintenance Includes Oil and Filters

One of the services that you can count on getting at Sound Ford when you come for 30,000 Mile Maintenance in Bellevue is an oil and oil filter change. Our technicians speedily drain all the old engine oil out of your engine into a collecting oil pan, and then locate and replace your engine’s old oil filter before pouring in new, manufacturer-recommended engine oil into your engine. Changing your engine oil ensures that your engine continues to run smoothly and quietly. It also prevents overheating. Another service that your car gets in this service is engine coolant replacement. Our technicians drain out all the coolant fluid in your car’s cooling system, and after rinsing your cooling system with water, they add new coolant to your engine. Our technicians also inspect your car’s brake parts. They check the thickness of your brake pads and check your brakes rotors for warping, rust or dents; if necessary, they also replace these parts. Our technicians also replace your car’s cabin air filter in this service. This ensures the circulation of clean air in the cabin.

Affordable Maintenance in Bellevue

You should also know that our 30,000 Mile Maintenance in Bellevue does not cost much. We at Sound Ford offer some of the lowest prices for auto service in the Seattle area. We also offer the chance for people to make additional savings with our regular special offers on mileage maintenance service. You could end up spending much less our 30,000 mile maintenance than you imagined.

Come to Sound Ford for more information on this service. You will find us at 101 SW Grady Way, Renton, WA 98057. All the parts and components that we will install on your car will be original.

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