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120k Maintenance near Tukwila


120k Maintenance near Tukwila

Owning a vehicle is great. It gets you where you need to go, can provide a means of transport for fun adventures with your friends, can haul your stuff from place to place, and can be part of some great memories. However, a key aspect of owning a vehicle is maintaining it. Your vehicle should be serviced at regular mileage intervals, with various modifications being made in accordance to the factory standards and recommendations for your vehicle. When it comes time for you to need 120k Maintenance near Tukwila, Sound Ford is the place to go. They can walk you through the process, and are staffed by highly-trained technicians and mechanics.

120k Maintenance Importance

For many vehicles, the 120k mile service is a major service, and albeit identical to the 60k mile service. When you take your vehicle in for 120k Maintenance near Tukwila, you should generally expect replacement of fluids like the transmission fluid, engine coolant, and differential fluid. Air filters are replaced as well, assuming one is equipped in your vehicle. Additionally, some vehicles require replacement of timing belts, valves, and spark plugs. Furthermore, depending on your vehicle and the state it is in, you may need the following replacements to be made: Brake pads, tire, drive belt, shock absorbers/struts, engine mount, and steering and/or suspension components.

The 120k Maintenance near Tukwila is quite involved, being a major service interval, but it’s critical for the performance of your vehicle. It also keeps your car performing properly, which keeps you from spending money on otherwise avoidable repairs, and from getting into an accident while on the road.

Performing a 120k Maintenance near Tukwila

A comprehensive checklist is adhered to when it comes to major service intervals, such as the 120k mile maintenance. Each shop and vehicle manufacturer varies in terms of performed actions, as they all strive to adhere to factory specifications and recommendations. This is why it’s important to go with a dealership that specializes in your make of car. Sound Ford’s service department, for example, is only staffed by highly trained technicians and mechanics that follow all factory requirements and know the ins and outs of Ford vehicles.

As a premier Washington Ford dealer, Sound Ford has an impressive selection of new and used vehicles from which prospective customers are able to choose. Their online and offline customers are able to take advantage of special vehicle offers each day, resulting in customers saving significant amounts of money. Sound Ford offers Ford service and parts, a diverse online inventory, and outstanding financing options. When it comes to finding the place to complete your 120k Maintenance near Tukwila, Sound Ford is the best choice. Stop on in at their Renton dealership today, and see for yourself.

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